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Welcome Future Client.

Looking for an accurate Detail- Oriented Builder with a keen eye for design/Restorations? Damian mastered high quality custom Carpentry, and has experience in all trades, He loves to oversee and orchestrate all aspects of his construction projects. We listen to your visions and focus to execute your Home Renovation Goals, nothing beats the look on your face when you see your home transform into the Dream You Envisioned.


We understand big projects are overwhelming and life is busy enough. We make estimates on your schedule and coordinate accordingly to provide the best experience.


We work with your schedule, providing a worry free experience and ensuring production of your Projects.


We are generations of General Contractors. Working with a team of Highly Qualified tradesmen to provide the Highest Quality. Constantly researching the latest Trends and most advanced methods.

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Why To Hire Hq Roofing and  Construction Group!

-Honesty, integrity, dedication, and passion to handle customer concerns quickly and effectively.


-Coordinates events efficiently with superior communication and planning skills which are imperative for the entire project, and prioritizes important responsibilities.

-Leadership skills and experience that makes him stand out in the crowd.

-Surrounds himself with highly motivated peers in the industry working together to grow the perfect team.

-Continues to deliver high-quality work in all aspects of the project. Best local roofing companies. 


Who Has Hired H.q. Construction?

Its Important to know who we have collaborate with in the past since 2015, we've built strong relationships with customers and other Builders listed below:

Day Star Television Network

Residents at the Tower in Down town Fort Worth

Imperial Construction

Prestige Floors


Dallas Professionals

Recommended by Resdoor

Recommended by one of The Best Realtor Nick Van Der Gaast

Recommended by BMC sales Associate

Damian and his crew helped us with a full remodel with great results. He is very reliable and pleasant to work with through the entire process. Even though this huge project was stressful, Damian's knowledge and skill moved things along with minimal issues. We recommend this company.

Debra P

Excellent! From the first email to them cleaning up everything. They volunteered to do extra without charge. I will be calling Damian soon for my bathroom remodel.

Carl C.

Team was very professional and performed the jobs requested at a reasonable price, with high-quality workmanship, and within committed timeframes. I highly recommend them given the courtesy and care each member of the team demonstrated while completing my projects.

Tami A

Damian and his team are excellent at what they do! The quality of work and their professionalism is second to none. I would not hesitate to hire Legacy Trim on any project. I have been in the construction business for over 30 years and trades of this quality are hard to find. Be assured they will do a great job because they are talented take pride in their work.

Julie C

Since 2016 the Decision was made to star the major projects we participated in not including the thousands of roofs our crews have done. This helps in many aspects as we continue to grow, We really hope to work with you! 

Even if your not near these stared areas We are happy to build your visions wherever it is.

Turn Key Projects

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