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Your roofing Process...

   Do you know if your home has hail damage? Do you know if the hail damage will cause future leaks? 

Hail and wind damage causes the shingles of your home to degrade overtime. Hail can break the backing of the shingle and signs of fiberglass can be exposed and these are the frequent areas that a water leak can start to enter in the interior of your home and results in a deeper renovation project. Determining this damage is crucial to the interior of your home. Not attending to water leaks in your home can create unhealthy environment such black mold and other dangerous waste including bad air quality (click the water restoration page to learn more about dangers of interior water damage). 

HQ roofing consultants will meet with you to determine if in fact you do have hail damage or do NOT including with Maintenace tips and Solutions. HQ consultants will do a full 25-point inspection and document every detail that will maximize your coverage in your best interest. 


   We understand your home is a priority and with the overall experience we have in finding the elements that are destructive to your home, this is the first step to recovering all losses that are unforeseen. Choosing the wrong Contractor that does not have your entire home in his best interest can result in a quick roof replacement that looks great to the naked eye but not correcting the problem from the source. The situation turns into a nightmare of a renovation. This can cause the insurance companies to deny the future claim because it is a problem that required repairing during the roof replacement that was expected to be done correctly. H.Q.R&C provides a lifetime warranty, includes your home with our insurance provider and is transparent during the process for your Peace of Mind. 


We have inspected your roof and addressed the hail/wind damage that was made, so we are ready for the next steps. We have listed the 8 simple steps to completing your claim. 


    1. The initial call: We first call your Insurance provider and explain the damages we noted, together having a professional start the claim can expedite the claims process and benefits you to reassure the insurance company. This keeps the process in flow and on track. At this point the insurance will assign you with a claim number and schedule the adjuster to come out or touch base after 48 hours (about 2 days) after filing. If the insurance or adjuster does not reach out within 48 hours H.Q.R&C representative will contact them on your behalf for a follow up. 

    2. Adjuster appointment: Once you have been informed with the date and time the adjuster will be arriving to inspect the property, you can then relay the appointment time and date to H.Q.R&C consultant so that they can be there to meet with the adjuster. 


  • Why is it important to have H.Q.R&C be present during the adjuster's inspection? 

During the heavy storms adjusters work extremely hard assisting multiple homeowners per day and this can be overwhelming on adjusters. Adjusters from out of states fly in to also assist in the claims and these adjusters will fly through claims and “accidently” have shortages to materials or leave out important line items that are crucial to restoring your property. When we meet the adjuster, this gives us the opportunity to point out all affected areas and assure they get addressed. The average homeowner struggles to understand the scope of loss that an adjuster sends out, a fly by night roofers like chuck in a truck will not assist you in clarifying these line items and results in a minimized coverage loss that is not beneficial to you. Thousands of dollars can be left on the table and the insurance companies love this. Many roofers have little to no experience communicating or understanding the language insurance companies use so it is important to use a reputable local contractor. We all know that Insurance companies are notorious for minimizing losses, so we communicate respectfully to come to an agreement and take the load of stress away. 

    3. First check: Once the adjuster completes his or her assessment, they will email the scope of work to you this can also be considered as the Scope of Loss, you should forward the scope to H.Q.R&C consultant so that we can move forward with the claim and build a work order of the work we sign up to do. The insurance will also send you the FIRST check for the loss. The first check is the ACV amount or actual cash value, this check is not the replacement cost value and is not final payment you will receive. The age of the roof determines the depreciation amount. Depreciation is subtracted from the RCV, then your deductible is subtracted from that amount, and the remaining value of the roof is called the “ACV”, or “Actual Cost Value”. This will be the amount of the first check your insurance provider will issue. 

  •  Why should I show my paperwork to H.Q. Roofing consultants? 

This is a question that can occur when homeowners are dealing with a claim for the first time, we want to provide homeowners with clarity and without seeing the Scope we as the General Contractor would not know what your insurance is paying for, this is important to know if your insurance is paying/missing any municipality Roofing codes. We can also verify the missing components insurance companies may leave out. It can allows us to leverage and maximize your claim. 


    4. Work order: H.Q.R&C will use the scope of loss to determine what the contracted work will be for any exterior or interior work that was agreed upon. This will be written up and signed by both parties. At this time, we can discuss the shingles colors and any upgrades you desire. We will also clarify the next steps to the schedule, and the process for the installation day. The day of the installation will be on a day that the weather allows for proper installation, some weather conditions will not allow the shingle adhesive to stick. 

    5. H.Q.&C will work with your insurance company to move forward, complete the scope of work and communicate the unforeseen components required during the job installation to have a successful quality Roof or Restoration. 

    6. Day: H.Q.R&C will commence and complete all the work agreed upon your property. At this time before starting any work we will collect your acv check for the material shipment and the work that has begun. No work can be scheduled until the check is endorsed to H.Q. Roofing and construction; most ACV checks will require a signature from the mortgage company prior to the installation day. 

   7. Extras: As your General Contractor we deal with the entire scope of loss and may require different trades such as gutter, windows or siding. These trades will be scheduled accordingly after the roof installation. 

    8. Invoice: Once the work is completed, cleaned out and looking nice! H.Q.R&C will submit a final invoice to your insurance company for the agreed upon amount to inform them that the work is completed. Homeowners who have an RCV policy will have depreciation funds released in a form of a second check. This check may also include any supplemental work which may not have been included in the work order. Any supplemental charges that are added on is any extra work that was done to bring the house back to its original conditions and makes up for any extra labor work or materials that was unforeseen. This benefits homeowners so they are not stuck with a supplemental bill that is unexpected (insurances will expect supplemental invoices and we work directly with the insurance to collect the supplemental amount) 

    9. Finalizing: Once you have received your final check contact H.Q.R&C consultant and he or she will come by with a copy of your workmanship warranty as well as the certification of completion. You do not need to deposit any checks you receive you can easily endorse it to H.Q.R&C to expedite the bank transfers. We will also do a final inspection around the house and take photos for our portfolio. 

    10. Show some Love! After completing your project and you are amazed with the service and quality, we ask that you submit 5-star reviews on google and our social media sites to share your experience and appreciation. We love to build relationships with everyone, and you can help us by also sharing our service to you friends, family, and neighbors. We will also ask for any referrals you may want us to connect with and help out. We will always pay referral fees for any approved claims you have provided this allows homeowner to earn vast amounts through referrals as a side hustle! We stay in touch to provide future maintenances and inspections that your home may require. 

How to Prepare for a Roofing Job and What to Expect: ​​​​

  1. When shingles are delivered to your home, please check the color of material. Notify us immediately if the color is not what you ordered. 

  2. Notify your mortgage and insurance companies the day your roofing job begins. This will expedite the inspection and payment process. 

  3. Be prepared for the noise! There will be constant hammering the entire day possibly  two or more days, depending on the size of your roof. 

  4. ALWAYS keep small children and pets away from the work area, owner is to be accompanied by General Contractor at all times. 

  5. Remove all loose items from the wall shelves and walls: pictures, plates, figurines. Hammering may create vibrations that will shake these items off the shelves or walls. 

  6. Remove all items from around the house where roofing debris or bundles of shingles might fall patio and pool furniture, potted plants, gardening equipment. Leaves or blooms may be knocked off the plants near your home during the job. We try to protect the plants, but many times the layout of the landscape prevents us from doing so. 

  7. During the roofing project, dust may fall from rafters and undersides of the decking onto landscape and pools. Any clothing or items this may damage should be covered or protected. 

  8. We will need access to your driveway to load shingles and clean up. Please park your cars, motorcycles, boats, etc. away from the driveway the day before commencement. 

  9. Occasionally, we will use power tools to cut decking or shingles, when we do, please check your power breakers to make sure they are operating correctly and have not been tripped. 

  10. Precautions are taken to prevent gutter damage. However, there are instances when damage to gutters can be unavoidable, especially on very steep roofs or ones that are surrounded by gutters. Your homeowner’s insurance should cover any damages, 

  11. 11. For each day it rains, work on your roof will be delayed. Roofers working for us are instructed not to tear off more shingles than they can replace in one day, so that your roof is not exposed to inclement weather. 

  12. Check heater vents upon completion of your roof to make sure that they not been loosened in the attic. Also check the hot water heater, stove vents and any busted pipes. We will immediately repair but not held accountable to this damage. 

  13. Nails that fall from the roof during the job will be picked up with nail roller. We will make every effort to pick up all nails. Please be advised — that a few nails, hidden in the grass or shrubbery — may remain. 

  14. Occasionally shingles have been sealed to the sidewalls. Age along with moisture saturation can rot the wood. During the removal of shingles along walls, paint removal and chipping of the wood may occur. We are not responsible for this unavoidable occurrence. 

  15. When we remove two or more layers from the roof, your roofline will drop. This will be evident along any wall. The charge in appearance will be minimal and will not affect the integrity and utility of the roof and flashing. 

  16. When the old roofing is removed, tremendous amount of weight is taken off the frame of your home. This can cause slight movements of your rafters and beams. This shifting may cause small stress cracks in your ceiling along with paint popping off nail heads. We are not responsible for this unavoidable occurrence. 

  17. Sagging or bubbling in the decking will not be corrected with standard re-roofing. Tearing off 2 layers will magnify these imperfections. 

  18. Make all payments to H.Q. Construction LLC. Company and NOT the salesman. 

Image by Fabio Sasso


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